Ramping and Onboarding with Advanced Clinical

Advanced Clinical’s approach to onboarding, training, and adapting team to the client environment is a crucial key to trial acceleration. One week leading up to a trial, Advanced Clinical identifies potential team players, assessing their fit culturally and their competencies. The week of the trial, you interview the team members to gauge comfort level, then the employees engage in Advanced Clinical on-boarding / training, as well as your specific training. Many times, we try to prepare candidates for your trial in advance; therefore, we pre-screen candidates with you, and get them onboarded and trained, so that when you need them, they’re ready for you!

Also included in the rampup process are team “integration” sessions to clarify the plan/schedule, deliverables, roles, project handoffs as well as communication. AC also has team building activities to ensure that the teams will work harmoniously together and the team builds strong chemistry to ensure close collaboration.

Advanced Clinical wants to make sure all steps are taken to provide a “dream team” ready to work efficiently and effectively.

Does this sound like a great way to advance discoveries? We think it is. Enter our “how do you advance discoveries” contest and your company could win an iPad and get a mention in our press release


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