Risk Management from Advanced Clinical

Risk is a huge problem in clinical trials, and Advanced Clinical is swift and professional about identifying, assessing, prioritizing, mitigating and tracking risks to proactively avoid those risks – before they become issues that cause the trial to delay the trial. Some risks, unmitigated, can cause 2 years of delay! At a direct and indirect slippage cost of $6MM – $15MM/day, that adds up!

Advanced Clinical:

o Assesses risks
o Prioritizes risks
o Reduces uncertainty
o Mitigates risks
o Manages/monitors risks
o Optimizes procedures to reverse risks

Advanced Clinical recognizes the four types of risk: operational, strategic, financial, and market, so no area is overlooked. Advanced Clinical also assesses the scale of the impact, and the likelihood of occurrence of the risk over the trial period.

We want success and advancement for your discovery’s trial as much as you do, and managing and mitigating risks is one of our keys to success.

Does this sound like a great way to advance discoveries? We think it is. Enter our “how do you advance discoveries” contest and your company could win an iPad and get a mention in our press release.


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