Advanced Clinical: The CRO with Experience

Advanced Clinical has advanced many discoveries and has experience in over 192 trials in many therapeutic areas across Phases 1 though 4. Over the years, we’ve worked together with pharmaceutical companies to enhance medicine in disciplines which include but are not limited to:

1. Analgesia
2. Anti-Infective
3. Antiviral
4. Cardiology
5. Endocrinology
6. Gastrointestinal*
7. Geriatrics
8. Gynecology*
9. Hematology
10. Infectious Disease
11. Infertility
12. Musculoskeletal
13. Neurology
14. Oncology
15. Urology
16. Ophthalmology
17. Renal
18. Respiratory
19. Rheumatology*
20. Women’s Health

*Advanced Clinical has over 25 trials’ experience in these indicated disciplines.

Of our 192 trials, a whopping 191 of them used Advanced Clinical’s Data Management service. Our Data Management service is reliable, resilient, and depended on by the best pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in the industry. Our technology platform utilizes state-of-the-art tools: Oracle Clinical, Electronic Data Capture (EDC), and IVRS and IWRS (Interactive Voice or Web Response Systems).

Advanced Clinical also adheres to CDISC and SDTM standards with integrity checks and trial monitoring reports. Advanced Clinical is compliant with ICH, the FDA (21 CFR part 11) and GCP.

Our Biostatistics team is among the best in the nation and we continue to add strength and capabilities to the team in strategic therapeutic areas.

Advanced Clinical is prepared to handle any size trial. Within our body of work, 15 percent had over 500 subjects; one of those trials had over 5,000. We’ve done trials within the US at one site, and globally over hundreds of sites. Whatever your trial needs are, we will develop a plan and do our part to partner in your development.

Advanced Clinical’s leading practices help drive the speed, improve the quality, and ensure the highest probability of success at the lowest total cost of ownership. Some of the delivery assets we use are:

• Our approach to collaborate, innovate, and optimize. Advanced Clinical believes in working together in collaboration, innovation through the Industry Leading R&D Process, and maintaining a continuous learning approach to optimize trials.

• Resource Management Model. Advanced Clinical not only retains, but nurtures our consultants to keep the best ones loyal and available for our exciting projects.

• Team Integration. Advanced Clinical wants to make the client team and the Advanced Clinical team integrated into one.

• Risk Management. Advanced Clinical identifies, assesses, prioritizes, mitigates, and tracks risks to proactively avoid issues that might arise

• Continuous Learning. Continually improving the trial as it goes on will optimize its overall success.

• Ramping. Advanced Clinical onboards, trains, and adapts the team to the client’s environment, culture, project and needs.

• Project Management with Supply / Demand Management. Advanced Clinical will ensure clients get the right team, at the right time, and with optimal productivity with collaborative project management.

Use a clinical research organization with experience and an approach to support your growth: Advanced Clinical.

Does this sound like a great way to advance discoveries? We think it is. Enter our “how do you advance discoveries” contest and your company could win an iPad and get a mention in our press release.


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