Game Changing Framework in Advancing Discoveries: ILRDP & Contest!

Advance Discoveries Contest! Shorten clinical trials. Reduce risk. Reduce cost. We need YOUR ideas!

Eighty billion drugs are predicted to come off patent in the next three years. EIGHTY BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF DRUGS FALLING OFF PATENTS! There are indications that the release of patents may save money for the healthcare system as a whole because generics are expected to increasingly take the place of those coming off patent. However, while many patients require several drugs coming off patent, there are no replacements for many of them. As a result, pharmaceutical, biopharma, medical device and biotech companies have two key imperatives:

  • “Advance discoveries,” aka, reduce clinical trial cycle time
  • Reduce the escalating costs (Total Cost of Ownership) and risks associated with drug development… while maintaining quality

In response, Advanced Clinical has just launched the game-changing framework to deliver the best clinical trial results within the “Business of R&D.”

AC has analyzed clinical trials across all phases and has identified a series of ways to accelerate delivery timelines. As a result, we have either met or exceeded timelines by 10-40 percent. In addition, we have identified key risks, risk mitigation techniques as well as leading practices to accelerate trial delivery. Finally, we have identified Key Performance Indicators, which are a measurable means to ensure the best performance against timelines.

How have we done this? Using ILRDP as the foundational framework, Advanced Clinical augmented its offerings and capabilities to be able to help Life Sciences companies identify the capabilities that are important to “what they do”, aka, be more effective, as well as ensure “how they do it”, aka, be more efficient in clinical clinical planning as well as clinical operations:

  • Our unique strategic sourcing approach to CRO (Program Management, Functional Sourcing, Managed Services Provider) – We work collaboratively with clients to reach strategically sourced solutions as a Clinical Research Outsourcer (CRO) to create breakthrough value
  • Consulting services help clients gain breakthrough performance through Portfolio Strategy, ILRDP Transformation, and Workforce Strategy
  • Talent man­agement (Contract Staffing, Asset Transfer, Executive Search) – Provide a platform for talented individuals to establish and grow their career, working for us as consultants. Our clients are matched with the perfect consultants
  • Technology solutions that cover end-to-end data management and reporting / analytics needs (Software as a Service Technology platform, including EDC, IVRS, CTMS and CDM as well as Analytics and Reporting)

By advancing discoveries through ILRDP we are now able to execute clinical trials at lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and highest probability of success with robust quality, safety and efficacy. We go beyond for our clients and consultants and have created the highest standards in the industry, as we have gone to all industry segments to pull best in class practices, tools and techniques and have codified these into everything we do. The result: the best, most effective solution …We advance discoveries through insight.

How do you advance discoveries? NOW–Win an iPad!

Advanced Clinical wants to ask pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, “How do you advance discoveries?” What are the best practices you use to shorten clinical trials? How do you reduce risk and cost in drug development? Do you have a strong risk management approach, employee training, or metrics management? Advanced Clinical would like your ideas to create Industry Leading Trial Performance in clinical research.

Let us know how you advance discoveries here. If you win, your ideas will be part of our press release August 17th and you will win an iPad! The winning list of ideas will be posted end of August, 2010.


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