Upcoming Brand Launch: Breaking the Mold

New Framework
Next week marks a vital time for Advanced Clinical (AC), as we will officially announce our new market and brand launch. On Tuesday, August 17th, we will be introducing our game-changing Industry-Leading R&D Performance (ILRDP) framework, unveiling our new website, as well as highlighting the new additions to our executive staff, social media platform, and our innovative service offerings.

Through our ILRDP model, AC is shifting the paradigm in the clinical research outsourcing (CRO) space, ensuring a positive, sustainable net profit impact for our clients. We have augmented our offerings and capabilities to better serve the needs of our life sciences clients in strategic effectiveness, clinical planning and clinical operations. While ILRDP will benefit all four of our core competencies: Consulting, Strategic Sourcing, Talent Management and Technology, our Consulting services will be impacted significantly. Through our Consulting services, we provide breakthrough performance with Portfolio Strategy, ILRDP Transformation, and Workforce Strategy. Below are examples of how our ILRDP framework will drive results:

  • Our Portfolio Strategy offering provides complete analysis of company-wide business investments, through which we aim to restructure the overall investment portfolio to drive the best value for the client. Note that value is defined differently by each client (e.g., value could be either net profit or top line growth, as well as other alternatives)
    Impact: This strategy ensures that clients are focused on the right initiatives and/or products solutions with the appropriate resource investment stance
  • Our ILRDP Transformation identifies how R&D can become more effective and efficient; aligns clients’ R&D with the business strategy and identifies operational/maturity improvements, utilizing our ILRDP framework
    Impact: This transformation enables clients to embrace R&D to drive company-wide growth and create positive net profit impact, as well as contribute to business strategy and innovation
  • Our Workforce Strategy approach determines core/context disposition for R&D functions. Assesses/benchmarks the current state workforce at the R&D level, clinical development level and/or the clinical trial level. Develops resource blueprint, plan and business case
    Impact: This offering provides a significant net-profit impact for clients by optimizing the mix of workforce for each element of the business. The outcome is a workforce blueprint, a roadmap as well as a P&L impact model

New Social Media Platform
In addition to our offerings and our ILRDP framework, we are excited to unveil our comprehensive social media platform, through which we can share up-to-date information more quickly and conveniently with our clients and consultants. Our new website provides opportunities for interaction and exploration regarding AC solutions, capabilities, experience and team members. You can find out the latest news and updates on our blog, Facebook fan page, LinkedIn group, YouTube page, and Twitter account.

New Leadership Team Members
We welcome two new members to our leadership team: Rosemarie Truman, executive vice president, and Julie Heneghan, vice president. Both leadership team members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that will continue to evolve the future of Advanced Clinical.

Share in the excitement of our brand launch next week, as we continue to innovate and break the mold in the life sciences industry. Don’t forget to add us on Facebook, join us on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter to view our latest news.


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