Advanced Clinical is Changing the Paradigm for Clinical Research Organizations Through Strategic Sourcing

Many Life Sciences companies need some or all functions of their studies outsourced in some manner. After eight months of studying sponsors’ needs, we are introducing a new outsourcing paradigm called “Strategic Sourcing.” This model will provide sponsors a solution specifically designed for their unique needs.

We have experience in all aspects of clinical research, including adaptive seamless trials across Phases I-IV. In addition, the Advanced Clinical team brings an expert ecosystem and industry affiliations (CDISC, DIA, ASA, SCDM, RAPS, IDSA, AMA, ACRP, ASM, CDER, CBER), therapeutic expertise in 17+ areas, and extensive methodology expertise.

Our move to strategic sourcing provides the following:

  • Accelerated Trials: Advanced Clinical’s codified methodology, “Industry Leading R&D Performance” (ILRDP), allows us to accelerate clinical trials and create success at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. ILRDP is patent pending and is the foundation for our services and solutions.
  • “One Team” Client Partnering Model: We align with each client’s vision and works to ensure transparency, two-way open dialogue, and one point of accountability. The “One Team” approach creates a program management structure that combines Advanced Clinical and client leadership for successful implementation and management.
  • Value: We use a value-based approach to deliver solutions at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Codified delivery tools ensure consistency and allow us to incorporate best practices from each trials experience. This learning approach creates measurable net profit impact for clients.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: We employ a hybrid approach to staffing teams. Clinical trials require continuity over time, and we provide a dedicated and thoroughly trained team. We supplement the team with contingent talent to increase flexibility.
  • eClinical Platform: Our technology platform supports all elements of managing a clinical trial: a Clinical Data Management System, Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), Interactive Web Response System (IWRS), Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), and Business Intelligence/Reporting.

“Our clients expect their CRO to have proven experience, they expect lowest Total Cost of Ownership, and they expect the company to provide value,” said Leo Sheridan, CEO of Advanced Clinical.

Rosemarie Truman, Executive Vice President of Solutions, adds, “Advanced Clinical’s differentiators are what clients should expect from any CRO, and we provide these in all of our solutions.”

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