Advanced Clinical Announces a New Approach to Project Management to Improve R&D Productivity

Advanced Clinical (AC), a leading provider of clinical research services, announces a new approach to project management to improve R&D productivity.

Bannockburn, IL (Vocus) September 17, 2010

Advanced Clinical (AC), a leading provider of clinical research services, announces a new approach to project management to improve R&D productivity.

Project management issues often plague clinical trials, and the planning process for trials is daunting. Numerous complexities need to be considered to construct a good clinical trial roadmap. Both medical/scientific and operational considerations demand careful management. Operational considerations include: country specific regulations; site monitoring intervals; drug shipments and handling; delivery methods, such as adaptive; and EDC technology. In addition, further planning and due diligence are critical to ensure comparative effectiveness. As a result, a new approach to project management is needed to improve R&D productivity.

AC starts with a strong foundation of processes, tools and templates for project management, including: risk management, knowledge management, continuous learning, resource management, benefits realization, financial management, service management, and many other elements, to delivery on key metrics.

AC has created a project management framework that identifies the right talent to make the project successful. The framework includes a comprehensive structure of components, such as therapeutic area; specific clinical trial method (e.g., Adaptive); clinical functions and country-specific requirements. Once the framework is applied, AC then identifies critical knowledge requirements and formulates a team of strategic advisor experts. This expert team provides critical insights to the project manager as well as the core team during the course of the trial.

The project management approach is based on AC’s Industry Leading R&D Performance (ILRDP) framework model, which contains, among other things, known risks for every part of a clinical trial and associated mitigation techniques as well as leading practices within and outside of the life sciences industry.

“Advanced Clinical drives rigor into project management to deliver strong results for clients,” said Leo Sheridan, CEO of Advanced Clinical. “It is a critical element of our ILRDP framework.”

About Advanced Clinical: Advanced Clinical provides consulting services, strategic sourcing (CRO), talent management, and technology solutions to the Life Sciences industry. With 15+ years of experience, Advanced Clinical is an established presence in the clinical research field, providing services specifically for Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device organizations. Advanced utilizes a value-based, “One Team” approach. To learn more, visit

Rosemarie Truman 
1200 Lakeside Drive 
Bannockburn, IL 60015 
Ph: 202-438-2208


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