Advanced Clinical Overview

Advanced Clinical is transforming how Clinical solutions are  conceived and delivered.  Given our 20 year track record in CRO, contract staffing and executive placement services, we now offer “Strategic Sourcing”, integrating CRO, functional outsourcing, contract staffing and consulting services to create the best solutions for our clients!

Our Differentiators:

Need Strategy: To optimize the workforce “blueprint” and boost trial performance

We go beyond “operational excellence”..value:   Consulting Services

Need Solutions: To create an optimal balance of outsourced functions, onsite team and internationally based teams

We go beyond “flexible”… six vectors of alignment: Strategic Sourcing

Need Technology: To deliver an entire technology  platform to host your trial

We go beyond a platform… fused business and technology: Technology Solutions

  • Oracle Clinical, RDC and other EDC
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Host Trial on Comprehensive Technology Platform

Need Talent: Savvy, reliable  Clinical talent with a point of view.  Our talent cares as much as you do about your trial

We go beyond contract talent…we deliver Topflight Teams: Talent Management


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